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Determination leads to achievement.

From humble beginnings to the Olympics

SPARK perform - a German modest sportswear brand - brings the cutting edge of sportswear technology to the modern modest athlete.


SPARK’s garments are designed in Germany and feature patented fabric technologies, delivering modern style and functional performance to the women who demand more from their sportswear. 

Our SPARK Sports Hijab ULTIMATE CSF.X2 2.0 is the only to be worn by an Olympic Medalist (Hedaya Malak, Bronze Medal, Taekwondo, EGY) and three other Olympians (Hadia Hosny & Doaa Hany, Badminton EGY; Nour Abdelsalam, Taekwondo, EGY) at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. We are super proud of this achievement and wish our athletes the very best for all upcoming competitions!

How it started

How it's going

Kick-off in Egypt - Now in Europe.


SPARK perform launched in Egypt as a sportswear brand dedicated to empowering women of all backgrounds to join the sports movement. Our current Spring/ Summer 2023 range is the first to be sold in Europe - Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the UK to be precise.

Dressing modest and being active doesn't always come easy. In the back of each modest female athlete's mind is often a worry about whether a piece of skin is showing while extending to make the final goal, or if the outfit could be regarded as revealing while sprinting to the finish line. This disruption of focus could be the make or break for an athlete.

Here at SPARK perform, we combine 3 things: style - tech - modesty. Our performance sports gear creates a new opportunity for athletic women who struggle to find workout clothing that fits their modest demands and/or religious beliefs whilst meeting the needs for high-performance.

From Olympic Champions to leisure athletes: we`ve got you covered!

No matter what your training level or prefered sport is, we’ve got your back. Whether you are training for an triathlon, irregularly attend the gym or just signed up for your first Zumba class, SPARK perform has the right modest gear for you. We aim to enable all of you gorgeous Ladies to take part in the physical activities of your choice and stay true to your faith and values at the same time!

For tips on how to become fit check out the SPARK magazine including the Ultimate Guide for Starting a Fitness Program.

Development partner

NTT New Textile Technologies (Balingen, Germany) - a pioneering research and development facility in the field of sports - is SPARKs official development partner. NTT develops smart textiles and sportswear for the likes of adidas and arena.

The SPARK Sports Hijab ULTIMATE CSF.X1 2.0 was developed at NTT. The style utilizes NTTs patented technology called SensElast®. The technology changes the fabric properties to create a seamfree inner headband with ultra comfortable velvet touch.


3-pillar system

Movement is a core part of the human existence. It is essential to physical, mental and social well-being.

At SPARK perform, we create sportswear that gives you the freedom to exercise at your best whenever and wherever you want.

Therefore, SPARK`s sportswear outfits are built on 3 pillars: Comfort, a Secure Fit, and Performance. Each of SPARK`s styles is designed to keep your workout gear perfectly in place during exercise. You can focus entirely on your workout instead of worrying about slipping outfits.

By athletes for athletes

Building the range

The Spring/ Summer 2023 range is designed in Germany and developed by athletes for athletes. Each item gets wear-tested by female modest athletes from around the globe to make sure it stands the test of time. The purpose of each style is to heighten your performance whilst maintaining a modest fit.

Across our range of athletic apparel and headwear, we use fabrics that fulfill the following:

// non-see-through

// FastDry Technology & 4-way Stretch

// European & American textile standards

for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement.

Our Champion x SPARK packable windbreaker uses rain and wind resistant fabric that will shield you from the elements. In case you work out in hot weather, we integrated UV30/50+ sun protection into various products (top, leggins, headwear) to protect you from harmful UV rays.

All our fabrics are tested for harmful substances and are according to European and American textile standards, which means there is zero risk of skin irritations.

To check out our current range, click the button below.

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SPARK perform ambassadors

Join our test&research team

Product testing with modest athletes has been the essence of our brand since the beginning. It is a crucial part of the product development process, to ensure all required features are built into each range. Going forward, we continue to work with coaches, trainers, and world-class Hijabi Olympians to deliver the best performing modest sportswear to you.

If you`d like to join our test&research team and have ideas or features that you think should be introduced to the next range, please let us know via email or website chat or Instagram DM. We`d love your input.

Meanwhile, let us introduce a few of the SPARK athletes:

Hedaya Malak, Taekwondo

Hedaya won a Bronze Medal at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics in the SPARK Hijab Ultimate. Of course we are ultra proud of her - and our 😁 achievement!

Hedaya also made history for being the first Egyptian woman to carry the nation's flag at the opening ceremony of the Games in 2021. Congratulations Hedaya - keep it up!

Check out her fight and receiving the Bronze Medal in SPARK Hijab ULTIMATE here.

Hadia Hosny, Doha Hany, Badminton

Hadia and Doha competed at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics in the SPARK perform ls top and hijab light. Both items will be introduced back into the range soon. Stay tuned!

Nour Abdelsalam, Taekwondo

Nour competed at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games in SPARK Hijab ULTIMATE. She is part of the Egypt Taekwondo National Team and won Gold in the African Championships. You can watch her interview in SPARK Hijab ULTIMATE here .

Doaa Elgobashy, Beach Volleyball

Doaa is one of our absolute legends. She participated in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games together with the EGY National Volleyball Team. If you google her, you will find pictures full of passion showing how much she burns for the sport.

Doaa loves practicing in the SPARK ls top and Hijab light, both of which will be re-introduced to the range soon.

Kariman Kamel, Judo

Kariman is part of the EGY Judo National team. She won various Medals at the Arab & African Championships and aims to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Sama Farouk, Kayak

Sama, member of the EGY National Kayak Team, is a Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021 Olympian and won several medals at the Arab & African Championships. She is an inspiration to many. Sama was initially inspired to Kayak when she got a glimpse of the boats in the Nile, which made her feel like she was determined to be on the water. Currently, she is studying at the Cairo University and trains for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Mariam Karama, Hokey

Mariam is a goalkeeper at the EGY Hokey National Team. She participated at the Arab & African Championships and was one of the very first athletes that we worked with.

Suzan Moh Gaber, Shooting

Suzan has been on the shooting range together with her dad since she was a little kid. Today she is a champ of her own and competes internationally for the EGY Shooting National Team. You can find her training 6 days a week at the beautiful Alexandria shooting range.

Egypt National Handball Team

The Egypt national handball team has joined us just before the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games. We are honored to outfit the Hijabi team members with our black Hijab Light.

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Asmaa Fahmy Mounir, Hatha & Yin Yoga instructor

"Sports is life to me ❤️ my life and health have changed 360° for the better when I started practicing sports regularly and when I started to engage myself into the Sports communities as an amateur athlete and as an Instructor.

Now my life is full of active motions; I meet active energetic people, I have better body shape, I travel, and I celebrate 🎉"


Lina Elagamy, Yoga instructor

"Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better you practice, the brigher your flame."


Asma Ali, Designer/ Entrepreneur

"Vitamin Sea in SPARK perform. May the summer begin."


Menna Saad, Artist

"Went running with it (SPARK Hijab Light) today for the first time, and it felt like i wasnt`t even wearing hijab from how light it is. Also it did not slip an inch of my head, and stayed in place the ntire workout!"


Heba Tawfiik, Calesthenics Trainer

"Hypnotized, this love out of me without your air I can`t even breath. Lead my way out into the light."


Marwa Alhodaby, Ping Pong National Team EGY

When in moments of despair God gives you hope🙏🏻
Extremely humbled and thankful for my new#WTTworld ranking:
#178in singles
#47in doubles
Looking forward to work harder and improve my ranking in SPARK perform. The best is yet to come InshaAllah💪🏻😍
الحمد لله الذى بنعمته تتم الصالحات



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