SPARKs Modest-Fit: 

Designed to accommodate women of all shapes and sizes. Modest-Fit gives you a peace of mind while shopping for modest apparel, without having to settle for less than what you really want.

The SPARK team developed, tested and adjusted each style, resulting in SPARKs em.power core range featuring carefully placed modest sportswear features.

The ideology behind each item is the SPARK OneLayer™ system; We removed the need to wear any added clothing such as camisoles, or jackets around the hips, which many female athletes wear solely for coverage purposes.


We developed the main three top sizing points to for maximum comfort and security, while adding a fourth point to the thighs for the modest touch.


1.  Measure yourself at these four points using a flexible tape measure.


    2.  Use the size chart below to determine what size is best for you.

    Tops Size Chart

    Leggings Size Chart



    What do you do if you are in between two sizes?

    If you like a tight fit, go for the smaller size.

    If you prefer a looser fit, go for the larger size.

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