SPARK – Engineered in Germany

At SPARK we do high-performance modest athletic apparel - and we do it well.

SPARK is dedicated to empowering women of all backgrounds to join the sports movement. Whether this means going for a morning run or partaking in a triathlon, SPARK has collaborated with some of the world’s finest female athletes to develop a product range that enables women to perform to their maximum potential.

Get ready for the most advanced modest sportswear range on the market.

None of the styles in SPARKs S/S 19 range are designed by us - athletes are our creators. The SPARK team merely executes the development process in partnership with NTT Balingen (Germany) - a pioneering R&D facility in Germany that develops technical sports applications for the likes of arena, adidas and NIKE. Focus groups and test sessions with female athletes from around the globe revealed which styles, features and fits are required to achieve the athletes optimum comfort and maintain modesty requirements. Over the course of one year, the SPARK team develop, test and adjust each style, resulting in a combination of thought-through designs, high-performance fabrics and cutting edge features.

The ideology across the SPARK range is the one-layer system. We removed the need to wear any added clothing such as camisoles, or jackets around the hips, which many female athletes wear solely for coverage purposes.Across the range of athletic apparel and headwear, we used ultra-light, non-transparent, 4-way stretch fabric for ultimate comfort and freedom of movement. Our fabrics are equipped with fast dry and cooling technology. We use UV 50+ sun protection to protect against harmful UV rays. Reflective elements are a core feature throughout SPARK products, enabling you to work out at any given time of day. All fabrics are Öeko-tex certified, with zero risk of skin irritations.